The use of medicinal herbs has been known for thousands of years. Who has not had chamomile tea for stomach issues or mint tea for colds? Although the herbal treatment is different than the homeopathic treatment, in some cases, Marcelo will recommend the use of herbal medicines to enhance the process of restoring health. Herbs are used in teas or tinctures and can also be used topically in cream form. For more information about herbal treatments, please call the homeopath. If you want to learn more about herbs, please visit

Welcome to our endless journey with plants and flowers.

This is who we are

We are an online store based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Our family business is the result of our love of nature and our long process of learning about the healing power of herbs.

We have learned about the power of healing that herbs and flowers can bring to our lives on a daily basis. We learned to respect the plants and the flowers and admire their gifts to us. We use herbs in tea infusions, poultices, tinctures and creams.

Our mission
To share our love and knowledge of the healing power of teas and herbs with you.

Our vision
To help all those in our community to live a better and healthier life.

Our online store serves the local communities of Richmond Hill, Aurora, Markham, Newmarket, Vaughan, Maple and King City. We aim to make free deliveries for orders over 100g within a 25 km radius from our Richmond Hill location. If you live outside this radius, we will mail you our products through Canada Post.

We welcome you and we hope to inspire you to begin this endless journey of experiencing the positive changes herbs can make in your life the same way they inspire us.