Premenstrual symptoms (PMS)

Many women experience premenstrual symptoms (PMS). These symptoms present themselves in mood change, fluid retention, bloating, weight increase, food cravings, depression, swelling of the breasts accompanied by pain and many more.

During the menses period other symptoms might show up, like insomnia, mood change, cramps, change in bowel movements (diarrhea or constipation), palpitations and feeling of heaviness, discomfort due to heavy discharge and many more.

There are other factors that affect the PMS, like lifestyle, nutrition, emotional state, as well as heredity.

As women are individuals, also the discomfort during the PMS and menses period is individual. Some women will feel pain in the lower back, some will not be able to tolerate motion, some will not be able to get out of bed, etc. If you think that your symptoms are part of a normal process, you are wrong. It is not normal to feel that way.

70% of women will suffer from menopausal symptoms. These symptoms can start at an early age. It is a natural occurrence due to declining and fluctuating hormone levels.

The symptoms of menopause can be hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety and mood swings, heart palpitations, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, etc.

In homeopathy we have many remedies to choose from to treat the individual person that feels discomfort. These remedies are safe and can be taken as soon as the woman feels that the PMS or menses period is approaching or she starts feeling discomfort due to menopause symptoms.

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