While menopause is a normal stage of life, many women suffer from hot flushes, insomnia, and other chronic issues. This can reduce quality of life and make for uncomfortable living. Hot flushes continue to be the most common menopause symptom women experience. Our Toronto Homeopathic Treatment for Menopause can provide you with much-needed relief and freedom.

The Truth About Hot Flushes

Over eighty percent of all women experience hot flushes after menopause. You may experience a sudden rise in body temperature. You may sweat and have increased heart rate. The changes in your body are normal. Some women have intense hot flushes that interfere with daily life. Sleep may be affected. Women who experience hot flushes and want relief may find homeopathy the answer for them.

Hot flushes sometimes include other symptoms like redness of the skin. While the episodes are usually short, many women find that they interfere with regular life. Hot flushes can continue for several years, with some women experience hot flushes for a decade or more. Women may experience anxiety and increased levels of stress. Night sweats are common.

As changes in hormones during menopause are the primary culprit behind hot flushes, the therapy should address the reasons for hormonal changes to happen. Hormonal changes can happen due to stress, depression and traumas. Under these situations side effects like loss of sleep, inappropriate nutrition and digestion can occur. Another big factor that can cause hormonal changes is the side effects of prescription drugs.

Another deviation from your health equilibrium could be declining in estrogen which will affect your body’s temperature. While hot flushes are very common in women experiencing menopause, a small number of pregnant women and even men have hot flushes, as well. However, these cases have other underlying reasons involved.

Treating Hot Flushes

With homeopathic remedies and the proper nutritional guidance, the root cause of the hormonal changes can be addressed. With our experience we will help you find the right treatment for your hot flushes. Enjoy a boost in energy and better lifestyle. We will work with you to find out what homeopathic remedies will work best to relieve your symptoms. With years of experience helping women in menopause feel better, trust Sage Homeopathy to help you feel better.

Nutrition and Hot Flushes

Did you know that most perimenopausal and menopausal women in the western world suffer hot flushes? Did you also know that despite being a “common” occurrence hot flushes are not a “normal” condition? Following the right diet and lifestyle can help you reduce or do away with your hot flushes.

It is important to eat foods that can provide you with the right fats, fibre, vitamins, and minerals your body needs in order to balance your hormones. At the same time, it is important to avoid certain foods, like foods that contain sugar and processed foods that can worsen the imbalance. Certain supplements and lifestyle choices can also help keep the symptoms at bay. We can work together with you to help you make the right choices to reduce your symptoms. For more information, check-up www.sagechoicenutrition.com 

Homeopathic Treatment for Hot Flushes

Homeopathy treats the individual person that has the symptoms holistically. As such, the chosen remedy will be indicated for that person only based on her individual characteristics. Some of the various remedies indicated for hot flushes are


In sepia the symptoms are worse before menses, in the mornings and evenings. The person feels much better by extreme exercises, by drinking cold drinks and by feeling warmth. The hot flushes in particular might be accompanied by headache and with the feeling of being tired when just awake. The hot flushes may start from the abdomen region and the heat will ascend toward the head and there will be a sensation of hot sweating.

Lachesis Muta

In lachesis the woman feels worse with the heat of the sun in the summer and spring times. She feels better by drinking cold drinks, applying hard pressure on the painful part and walking in the open air. If there are pains associated with the hot flushes they appear on the left side and the pain may move to the right. The hot flushes may be worse when falling asleep and during sleep. A good characteristic of a woman that will need Lach is that the symptoms get better as soon as the flow of menses begins.


The woman that needs pulsatilla has emotional excitement and she feels palpitations. She has intolerable burning heat at night with restlessness, heat of the body with coldness of extremities; she might have heat of one hand while the other remains cold. She may be weepy and get better by consolation. She will feel worse under the heat of the sun or warm rooms. Another characteristic of the remedy is that women may have redness of cheeks. She will feel better in open air and by cold applications and will desire cold things.

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