Homeopathic treatment is a safe, effective science. Homeopathy regards the sick person as a whole, single, and unique individual. Each of the remedies is unique to each person.
About Marcelo
Marcelo Garzon, HOM.DSHomMed.Bsc. has a family practice in North York, Maple, and Richmond Hill, Ontario. Marcelo graduated from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. He practices classical Hahnemannian homeopathic medicine. Marcelo has an honours degree in Engineering. He regularly participates in specialized homeopathic training with leaders in his field.
Marcelo is a Registered Homeopath with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario (Registration #15535)

The philosophy behind homeopathy

Homeopathic medicine is a scientifically proven practice. Did you know that homeopathy is the second most commonly used in the world? The practitioner treats a sick person with remedies prepared from substances from nature.
In homeopathy, the chosen remedy must produce similar symptoms to a healthy person as the symptoms observed by the practitioner of a sick one. Homeopathy derives its name from the Greek language “Homoios” for the same and “Patheia” for suffering.
To achieve this goal, the practitioner observes and listens to the patient. Observation helps the practitioner better understand the sick person. The practitioner discovers who the person was before the illness. They work together to choose a remedy to restore health.
Classical Hahnemannian homeopaths prescribe a single type of remedy at a time. With this method, the practitioner and the patient can observe changes in health. And this approach allows the practitioner to adjust the dose accordingly.

  • Homeopathic practice is regulated by the Government of Canada
  • Homeopathic remedies are FDA approved
  • Homeopathy does not interfere with other medical treatments neither with other drugs
  • Homeopathic medicine can be applied to babies, pregnant women, elderly people and pets
  • Homeopathy treats equally acute and chronic conditions
  • The homeopathic remedies do not contain any toxic chemicals