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Anxiety or Fear

As the weeks go on and we are still limited to activities at home and can’t go outside much, there is an increase in cases and calls related to anxieties and fears. Each one of us is dealing with the situation in different ways. Some know how to block the negative thoughts the mind is […]


Can we treat dementia? The answer to the question is yes, following multiple therapies and changing the lifestyle. Dementia is a health burden of increasing significance as our population ages. Worldwide the prevalence of dementia is 5-7% in people 60 years and older, with the risk doubling every 5 years after age 60. About 5.4 […]
Homeopathic remedies

Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to homeopathy As I got so many questions regarding homeopathy, I decided to start writing some information so all of you can access it and be informed. The information, which will be published in my blog, is intended to show you that there are many options to deal with health problems. I […]
Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes Hot flashes are not a disease but rather a condition that happens at a certain age as a result of hormonal imbalance. Hot flashes are common during menopause but women should not have to suffer from them. Not every woman will suffer from hot flashes but according to a research done by Study […]