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what causes adhd

Homeopathic Treatment for ADHD: What You Need to Know

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can affect young and older children alike. In fact, ADHD continues to affect children well into adulthood. Managing the symptoms of ADHD though a variety of treatments helps minimize the key symptoms like hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness characteristic of the condition. What causes ADHD? And how can homeopathy help treat […]
autoimmune disease symptoms

Can I use Homeopathy for Autoimmune Disease?

Millions of people suffer from serious autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune disease symptoms affect everything from energy levels and the gut to mental health and cardiovascular systems. In fact, autoimmune diseases have only increased drastically in recent years and will have long-term consequences for decades to come. Homeopathy successfully treats many of these harmful conditions in a […]

How Does Homeopathy Work for Anxiety?

In 2020 many patients suffer from acute anxiety, depression, and other serious mental health conditions. Millions of people suffer from stress, shortness of breath, and panic attacks. You may feel like you are dying, like there is no hope. While many of us experience anxiety once in a while, some people suffer from anxiety each […]

Homeopathy in 2020: What You Need to Know Today

Unlike traditional medicine which typically treats only symptoms, using a wide range of drugs and often toxic chemicals, homeopathy treats the whole person with a variety of plants, minerals, insects, and more substances. Today’s homeopaths use effective scientific treatments to treat the whole person. Important Benefits to Homeopathy When considering homeopathic medicine, patients often consider […]

Anxiety or Fear

As the weeks go on and we are still limited to activities at home and can’t go outside much, there is an increase in cases and calls related to anxieties and fears. Each one of us is dealing with the situation in different ways. Some know how to block the negative thoughts the mind is […]